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General info


Not only the space gain and the possibility to realize a transverse bed inspire, but also the surface and the quality of the GRP laminate. Finished in white exposed gelcoat, the longsleeper is ready for assembly and can be painted or foiled if required.

Installation is effortless with the included installation instructions. The supplied splitter certificate allows the problem-free registration at the TÜV. The GRP Longsleeper is unmistakably positioned by the optimal fit on the side panels.

Like all our GRP products, the Longsleeper is hand-laminated at our factory in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Longsleeper with the article number 1284 WL & 1285 WR is delivered in the Mercedes Benz color "arctic withe" high gloss and fits perfectly to the white of Mercedes. Painting is not mandatory on a white vehicle.

The surface of the Longsleeper is of such high quality that if painted, this area only needs to be lightly trowelled. Time-consuming filler sanding, filler sanding & primer sanding is not necessary with our Longsleepers. As a result, the process is significantly shortened and you, the customer, save considerably on preparation costs.

These products are also called rear widening / flares / ears / cross beds for panel vans.

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Article 1280

The Longsleeper© for Ford Transit

The challenge

Many tall van drivers know the problem:
the advantages of a compact van come at the expense of the length of the lying area in the rear of the vehicle.
At the suggestion of many "cross-sleepers" and the motorhome service centers, functional-design has developed the GRP Longsleeper©, for mounting on the rear side panels, the driver and/or passenger side.

The solution!

The Longsleeper© made of GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) provides a great feeling of space in the rear! With transverse bed layouts, the "XL customers" finally get enough length for a relaxed sleep. The possible cut-out dimension of 547mm x 1295mm and the max. depth of 100mm allow a large scope for insulation, panelling and help enormously in the optimal use of space.
Visually, the "chubby cheek" also does not need to hide. The installation is possible on the right as well as on the left. In the direction of travel on the right only with a corresponding door stop (available as an accessory at

Important: The Longsleeper© is attached via an inwardly cranked adhesive and mounting shoulder on the side panel. Thus the mounting is invisible! The GRP attachment is fixed with 1K-PU glue and 12 pieces of M6 screws. This allows maximum flexibility in the choice of the actual sheet metal cutout. Just stay within the range of the maximum cutout (1295 x 547), taking into account your floor plan or furniture construction.

The Longsleeper© is delivered with a "Splinter appraisal". The Splinter appraisal of the TÜV Rheinland is assigned to the GRP body of the Longsleeper© and is not vehicle-bound. The bed widening is delivered with detailed papers and a sample certificate for obtaining the operating permit. Thus, the registration at the TÜV without problems!

The assembly!

The GRP attachment can be mounted even by private customers with manual skills.
The assembly is supported with the CNC drilled assembly template (item 1281). The mounting template is part of the elaborate wooden packaging for UPS shipping and must be ordered.
In most cases, a vertical brace must be removed in the cutout area. The strut is only slightly dotted and glued to the outer sheet. Dismantling is done without hesitation and without problems! A side window is located here in the standard conversions of many manufacturers.

Transfer the cutout and the holes for fixing from the template to the vehicle, then drill fixing holes and insert the cutout you have defined. On the X250/290 Ducato, the mounting holes are all in the area of chassis reinforcements. On the Sprinter and co., depending on the mounting position, aluminum strips (20 mm x 2 mm) should be placed on the inside for reinforcement. Place the GRP Longsleeper© over the internal and thus invisible adhesive or mounting shoulder, tighten the twelve M6 fixing screws, remove excess adhesive and the assembly is done. On request, functional-design can also supply the appropriate 1K adhesive and mounting screws.

The insulation should be done with 10mm extreme insulator. The cladding is done individually in the interior design of the vehicle. Velour has proven itself here.

The helpers

The design was influenced by, as so often before! Mr. Kirsch, an accomplished self-builder and van enthusiast, has supported functional-design with a lot of commitment and great suggestions during the development.

Other names for the Longsleeper are rear widening, ears, flares or body widening.
The color variants

The Longsleeper© is available ready for assembly in visible gelcoat pure white (RAL 9010). The glossy gelcoat is UV-stable and can be repolished at any time.

The surface quality of our Longsleeper© is so high that many of our customers with a white base vehicle refrain from painting and the associated additional costs. All our products are "Hand Made in East Westphalia" and are therefore subject to high quality standards.

Painting on the visible gelcoat is of course also possible. Please ask the painter of your confidence.
The costs

See the price list.

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